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We aim to create an ethos and provide educational vision through effective teaching enabling successful learning and achievement by pupils and sustained improvement in their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development and to prepare young people for the opportunities and responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We aim to equip our young people with qualifications and skills that will enable them to pursue their aspirations. We hope to motivate and inspire a renewed interest in learning which will enable a more positive outlook for their future.

Blue Mountain Education offers bespoke education packages for up to 12 young people across Blue Mountain Homes. All of our students have their own educational journey and experience and their individual starting points are the blocks we encourage them to build on. We have high aspirations for all our students, celebrating successes and developing resilience in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Blue Mountain Education are committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum at all levels of education. The qualifications we offer include…

  • AQA Unit Award Scheme
  • ASDAN Short Courses
  • ASDAN Vocational Tasters
  • GCSE English and Maths
  • Functional Skills

Our curriculum is integrated to ensure a modular approach to accreditation and attainment. All students have the opportunity to access the curriculum at a level appropriate to their starting points.

We have some excellent links with local schools and colleges and have been successful in obtaining full time placements for our pupils.

Education Progress

L's Story

Prior to attending Blue Mountain Education, L had refused to attend any form of education for 2 years, L was initially extremely reluctant to attend and engage in education due to the anxiety surrounding his starting point and confidence in his ability. Blue Mountain Education initially focussed on developing relationships, using strategies including vocational learning to encourage him to attend the hub. L was able to access Functional Skills, working from his starting point. The small numbers in the school enabled him to be supported in a safe, nurturing environment. L was able to achieve functional skills qualifications and progress to a plumbing course at post-16.

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