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Beacon House
Loughborough, Leicestershire

1 Young Person

Providing 2:1 Residential Care for a male or female young person up to the age of 18 years, in Crisis, since 2012.

Welcome to Beacon House

Welcome to Beacon House

Beacon House in small solo occupancy home situated in the heart of Loughborough, Leicestershire
The team provide personalised, high quality of care and support to a young person who is in a crisis situation, or who presents with extreme needs that make it difficult to be placed with another young person.

The aim is for this to be a short to mid-term placement in a safe and secure environment, with a view to reintegrating into either a group living, or a foster based placement.

Beacon House provides a safe and secure environment, for young people in crisis to let down their guard and look at the issues that are preventing them from living in group environments or family based settings.
At Beacon House, our dedicated and experienced team are highly trained in supporting young people in crisis or those who have come from a secure setting. Our team are patient, understanding, enthusiastic, caring and above all, consistent. We recognise and understand that if we are to make any progress with young people in crisis, consistency and patience are key values.
We are committed to making the journey for each young person relaxed, fun, happy and worthwhile, allowing the young person time to become comfortable in tackling the issues that lead to their crisis point.
Beacon House Staff Team have achieved fantastic outcomes for a number of our young people, achieving things that were often not thought possible by external professionals and we plan to continue doing so.

Success Stories

P's Story

Prior to arriving at Beacon House, P would refuse to engage with any form of professional care, including foster carers and previous residential staff. P struggled with her peer group and displayed concerning behaviours such as sexualised behaviour, CSE, self-harm, verbal and physical abuse towards professionals and other young people along with ‘going missing’ and substance misuse.

Initially at Beacon House, P continued to display these negative behaviours by assaulting staff, displaying sexualised behaviour and attempting to go missing. Despite this behaviour, the staff team worked hard to prevent this happening.

Their persistent commitment to P, meant that P was never recorded as ‘missing’ during her entire time at Beacon House.

Eventually, the physical abuse towards staff members stopped and P became more trusting of professionals and began to engage in education and sustained her placement within the education setting.

During activities. P managed to develop a positive friendship group to which free time with this group was worked towards, and achieved with support.

P flourished well within Beacon House and valued the team and the loving commitment they had shown towards her.
The concern was, how do we progress P from our solo provision?

Although P had been in no position to be considered for Foster care prior to arriving at Beacon House, our staff team’s dedicated care and support allowed this to be a consideration. In fact, a foster carer did come forward to look after her.

Initially P did not want to leave Beacon House, but over time, the team managed to transition her successfully into the foster placement, where she settled in really well, making an excellent progress.

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