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Providing Residential care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties as well as those at risk of Child Sex Exploitation (CSE) since 2013.

Welcome to Felix House

Felix House is situated in Amber Valley, Derbyshire with good access to shops and recreational activities.

It is a modern, spacious detached home in a third of an acre private grounds, which specialises in working with young people whose behaviour may be at crisis point, and have required a period of time in a secure setting either for welfare or CSE reasons.

We offer bespoke individual programmes in areas such as: self-harm, CSE and attachment disorders, primarily focussing on preventative work. and to allow a period of resettlement and adjustment, as the preparation for integration back into the community is not a quick process, thus increasing the chances of a better outcome and outlook for the future.

Our highly experienced staff at Felix House usually undertake extensive pre-admission work, including visits to the young person in their current setting and vice versa. A clear admission process ensures that the transition between services is well managed. Consistency and continuity is integral to this process.

Our dedicated staff team have a wealth of experience and skill mix and are very proactive in encouraging our young people to engage with education and Life-skill/Independence educational programmes, in a safe, nurturing homely environment.

As a company, we are firm believers in working in partnership with multi-agencies to achieve optimum results. Although the main focus of the work we undertake is to stabilise behaviours, ultimately we hope that our young people are able to integrate back into society with the necessary skills necessary to lead positive, happy lives.

Success Stories

M's Story

M suffered a traumatic period due to a family breakdown, resulting in M displaying risk taking behaviours such as missing episodes, at risk of CSE due to her known associates and refusing education.

M arrived at Felix House in 2017, she continued to display negative behaviour initially, attempting to become missing and reverting back to her known associates. The staff at Felix house worked hard to reduce the missing episodes in order to develop a positive working relationship with M herself. Over time, M was re-integrated back into education and has now completed 5 GCSE's and has secured full time employment (apprenticeship) within business management.

M's is completing driving lessons and has developed excellent independence skills, so much so that she is now ready to be considered for semi-independent living.

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