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The Cottage
Ilkeston, Derbyshire

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Providing 2:1 Residential Care for a male or female young person in Crisis, up to the age of 18, since 2010

Welcome to The Cottage

The Cottage is a solo occupancy home, situated in the heart of Ilkeston, Derbyshire with easy access to local parks and many recreational activities.

Our experienced team at The Cottage, provide caring support to the young person coming to us from a secure setting or in crisis. This is usually planned as a short to mid-term placement. The aim is to re-integrate our young person back into a group living home or into a foster-based placement.

Our experienced and dedicated staff at The Cottage provide a bespoke, high-intensity care plan for the young person placed here. The Cottage team provide personalised, high quality care for young people with a range of behaviours, from substance misuse, child sexual exploitation, aggression, self-harm as well as ‘missing from care’.

 The home provides a safe, caring environment enabling the young person to focus on the challenges that face him or her, and access the care support required to develop positive strategies to move forward.

We are committed to making the journey for each young person relaxed, fun, happy and worthwhile, allowing the young person time to become comfortable in tackling the issues that lead to their crisis point. This often leads to the young person being able to make a positive transition into either a group–living home or foster care or being able to return to their own family.

Success Stories

C's Story

Prior to arriving at The Cottage, C had a number of placement breakdowns, eventually resulting in a period of time in a hospital setting to support her needs. C arrived at The Cottage from a hospital setting to ensure she could receive the high level of support in order for her to continue making positive steps forward.

C continued to display behaviours that would place her at risk like attempts to go missing, self-harming attempts, no engagement with professionals and physical assaults on staff members.

Staff continued to provide a resilient and consistent approach to the care delivery for C. This began to show signs of promise, with C engaging with CAMHS and working with the structure rules and behaviour pattern that was implemented for her to follow.

We began to reduce the intense level of observations for C which encouraged the reduction of self harm attempts even more.

C began to engage in education again which was a fantastic achievement, initially it began on a part time basis and now this is a full time commitment for her.

C is establishing positive friendship groups and is able to show respect to her peers and receive this as well, which is fantastic.

The manager made a connection with the voices and personalities worker at CAMHS who began to work closely with C in order to help get control her disassociation and personalities.

The progress that C has made during her time at The Cottage s fantastic and we are so proud of her. C is now in consideration for group living and we plan to enable this within the company.

A massive well done C.

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