Toll House
Wirksworth, Derbyshire

3 Bedded for Males

Providing Residential care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years with Emotional and Behavioural difficulties, since 2010.

Welcome to Toll House

Toll House is a spacious, rural home set in the Peaks and Dales within Derbyshire, approximately three miles from the market town of Wirksworth, enjoying a tranquil and scenic location.

Toll House is able to accommodate those who may be in crisis, requiring behaviour management intervention. We are able to accommodate short to medium term placements and our dedicated staff have a wealth of experience and skills.

Our highly trained team provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Clear behaviour management strategies along with consistent boundaries and positive reinforcement are used to moderate and stabilise challenging behaviour.

At Toll House, we provide many opportunities and a range of experiences to engage and motivate young people placed there. Our professionally qualified instructors and staff  provide intense activity programmes, including a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Activities include: climbing walls, camping trips, hill walking, rope courses, kayaking and scuba diving.

We are committed to bringing positive change to the lives of our young people, through developing and establishing respectful, reliable relationships with key staff members. They are also taught to respect community and learn skills of communication, technology and life/independence skills.

At Toll House as per the ethos of our company, we proactively seek to train and develop our young people to focus positively on their achievements and aspirations.

Success Stories

E's Story

Prior to being placed at Toll House, E had a difficult and traumatic start to life, experiencing neglect and abuse from family members.

Education was E's only form of sanctuary, where he developed a great working relationship with a TA, and found this to be a nurturing environment where he would be provided with his only hot meal of the day prior to social care involvement. A foster placement was located and he initially began to stabilise however, this was short lived and unfortunately education began to take a back seat, so much so that E was removed from mainstream school and placed on an outreach plan. E began to display significantly concerning behaviours from drug use, missing episodes, spending time with the homeless and refusing to engage with any professional. He lacked his own identity and developed attachment issues.

E was placed in a city based residential setting however, the locality did not suit his behaviours and he became un manageable, placing himself at risk even further with regards to missing and drug use. From there, he was placed at Toll House. Since residing at Toll House, E has reduced his missing episodes and drug use to the point where this is no longer a concern. He has developed his own idendity and feel confident in his own skin. He now has free time in the community and has a girl friend of his own age.

Educationally E struggled however, he was supplied with inhouse education at Toll, where he has flourished, engaging on a daily basis, using many educational methods i.e. pastoral, AQA and ASDAN. E is now at college completing an animal care qualification and is maintaining a work based placement at a local tourist farm which he thoroughly enjoys.

E is now considering his next move, which is looking like independent living, although this is a big step for E, we feel confident he will be ready when that time comes. Well done E

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