Amber House

5 Bedded Female Home

Providing residential care to children and young people up to the age of 18 of female gender with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and at risk of CSE.

Welcome to Amber House

Amber House is situated in the small town of Clay Cross, within North East Derbyshire. The home itself is an Edwardian Style Property, providing spacious living for up to 5 young people.

The team are highly experienced and trained in providing a high standard of care for the young people we have in placement at Amber House, supporting their emotional well-being along with any behavioural challenges they may present due to any traumatic experiences they may have previously been exposed to.

The home has been regularly rated Good by our regulatory body (Ofsted) and we continue to strive for this excellence at Amber House

Our dedicated and experienced staff team provide excellent quality care ensuring firm boundaries and strategic behaviour management. This enables our young people to emotionally, physically and spiritually develop in a safe and contained environment.

The Ethos of the company flows through Amber House as the care provided is very much a family orientated style. The young people receive care from a predominantly female based team which has a positive impact on the young people in placement, enabling them to developing trusting relationships with key figures of the team and having a small number of strong male role models to develop an appropriate working relationship.

We have been very successful in providing a stable environment for young people to make positive changes to the behaviours that have significantly impacted their lives, resulting in the rebuilding of relationships, especially with their families.

Amber House Staff Team’s positive, dedicated and loving commitment has culminated in many success stories of our young people that entered Amber House at a high level of risk in relation to CSE, moving forward to lead positive, happy and independent lives.

Success Stories

G's Story

Prior to arriving at Amber House, G had a very fragmented relationship with her parents, leading to G placing herself at risk, sofa surfing and being missing, associating with known perpetrators and using illegal substances and increasing the risk of CSE. After some time engaging in this behaviour, G was involved in the TWOC of a vehicle, which unfortunately was involved in a accident, leaving G with serious injuries.

G arrived at Amber House and due to the injuries sustained and being confined to a wheel chair, Amber House staff had to make a number of adjustments to accommodate and ensure G felt safe and secure in the placement. The care provided to G was not typical to Amber House i.e. personal care, helping her move from Chair to her bed, supporting with the strengthening of her legs, in order to teach her to walk again, but also the emotional support provided to G during this difficult time was outstanding.

Over time G was able to leave her wheelchair behind and now walks freely without any pain. G enjoys hobbies and interest with the team, and is enjoying her life as a teenager should be.

G enjoys college and has a social group that she is able to spend free time with. G is continuing to make excellent steps towards her independence.

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Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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