Rowan House
Derby City, Derbyshire

4 Bedded for Males

Providing Residential care for children and young people up to 18 years of age with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, since 2002.

Welcome to Rowan House

Rowan House is situated within the outskirts of Derby City, with excellent access to public transport, shops and recreational activities. The home itself is a well presented Victorian residence, providing spacious living for up to 4 young people.

Rowan house team are highly experienced and trained in providing a high standard of care for the young people, in a warm, welcoming environment.

Our dedicated and experienced staff team provide excellent quality care ensuring firm boundaries and strategic behaviour management. Each young person has a specifically tailored care plan so as to enable them to emotionally, physically and spiritually develop in a safe and contained environment. The team work hard to develop positive coping strategies for our young people and work towards them gaining independence in due course.

Our highly trained and dedicated team are experienced in the implementation of behaviour management programmes. A consistent approach applied by all of our staff, ensures that we are able to intervene successfully, moderate challenging behaviour and improve upon the expected outcome for each young person.

Although the main focus of the work we undertake is to stabilise behaviours by building relationships with them as well as establishing firm boundaries in an environment of mutual trust, ultimately we hope that our young people are able to integrate into society with the skills necessary to enable them to manage their lives more effectively with optimum results.

In order to achieve this, as a company, we are dedicated to being proactive in preparing young people for their future. This includes improving their educational achievements, supporting and promoting aspirations as well as through implementation of life skill/ independence programmes.

Success Stories

N's Story

Prior to arriving at Rowan House, N had a very difficult start to life, moving from various foster care and residential homes (32 in total) as well as in a secure setting.

N struggled with acceptance as she was transitioning from male to female.

Upon her arrival at Rowan House, N had a permissive DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) order in place, which incorporated no social time, no money in hand due to high sexualised behaviours. N struggled to trust anyone and stated she didn't want any help.

However, the team embraced and nurtured N, even when she presented with highly challenging behaviours. This caring and consistent approach enabled strong working relationships between N and our dedicated team. Soon, N began to accept the care and support being provided by the team.

While staying at Rowan House, N joined a local Army Cadet group and began to enjoy the structure and routine this provided. N was given the honour of carrying the Flag at the Armistice Parade which was a great highlight for N.

Over time, N developed positive coping strategies for her negative behaviours, and also developed trusting relationships with the team which was a huge step for N. She also gained employment with an events management team and would to work for weeks at a time. In due course. N was allowed some free time in the community and also learnt to manage her own money, with committed help from Rowan House Team.

Due to this excellent progress in her behaviours, N made an application to remove the DoLS order at the high courts, with the ongoing support from Rowan House staff. The DoLS order was indeed removed which was a fantastic achievement and testimony to all the hard work of the staff and N.

As N settled, she began to start rebuilding relationships with her birth Mother, and then her birth Father too. This has continued to strengthen positively.

N made great progress at Rowan House which was very rewarding for all the team involved. Soon, she was able to consider a move back to her home county.

In fact, N has indeed, moved into a semi-independent flat in her home County and is currently holding down a full time job and has a great social group that she has regular meets.

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