Farm Project

"Never be afraid of trying something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know"

The Farm Project is set upon 15 acres of land which includes a rural woodland walk.

Learning outside a traditional classroom offers exciting and invaluable opportunities for personal development. Allowing for confidence, self-esteem, communication and teamwork strengthen as young people face new experiences and challenges far from their everyday lives.

The nurturing environment encourages positive relationships to be built between individuals and gives a general sense of wellbeing.

The experience provides an opportunity for developing new skills and qualities which can be taken back into homes, schools and communities.

Throughout the Farm Project we offer the unique opportunity to assist, feed, support and take care of the small animals. We have found that this has been of great of benefit to both our young peoples physical and mental health.

We also offer the opportunity for each young people to take ownership , leadership and decoration of there very own allotment patch. Each young person is given the opportunity to grow fresh fruit and vegetables of there choice throughout the year as well as the opportunity to learn about all things garden related. This really does give the young people an opportunity to blossom.



Ofsted Outstanding Provider
Ofsted Good Provider