Hazel Cottage
Swadlincote, Derbyshire

2 Young Persons

Providing Residential care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years, with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, since 2018.

Welcome to Hazel Cottage

Hazel Cottage is a spacious, modern, 2 bedded (dual) home, situated in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire, located at the heart of the National Forest.

The area is famous for its rich pottery and mining heritage and has many local activities and community groups that our young people can get involved in.

At Hazel Cottage, our experienced staff provide care in a homely environment for young people from a secure setting, in crisis or those who struggle to live in a group environment.

The team are highly experienced and trained in providing a high standard of care for young people in a safe and secure environment, which is full of fun, energy and laughter. Our young people soon grow confident enough to feel free to express their feelings and emotions. Hazel Cottage staff provide the safety net and are able to teach positive coping strategies in various situations.

Individualised care packages for all our young people to ensure that they can grow and develop at their own pace, and in their own unique way, is very much our value system, when looking after them.

Success Stories

B's Time at Hazel

B had a history of criminal offenses, assaulting previous carers and theft. His aggressive behaviour often lead to placement breakdowns.

B was also involved in substances misuse, with suspicions of dealing. He also had a history of not attending education and when he did, he would cause incidents with negative behaviour.

Whilst residing at Hazel Cottage, our dedicated, experienced team worked hard to build up positive working relationships with him, so much so that he eventually looked up to the staff as family,(in his own words ‘Fam’)!

B started to follow the boundaries and routines, instigated by staff, which had been missing in his early childhood. He began accessing and engaging with Education daily in a positive way and even came to a point when he felt ready to start revising for his maths GCSE exam.

With ongoing support from the staff, he worked hard and was able to be submitted for his exam in Sheffield.

This was a highlight for everyone involved and a very proud moment for Blue Mountain Homes.

He also worked hard to give up smoking cigarettes and sought help from the ‘Change, Grow, Live’ organisation for his substance misuse.

B started engaging positively with his youth offending team, learning the consequences of criminal acts as well as developing a sense of responsibility. He also managed to build up a positive working relationship with another young person in the home, despite his past history. He was able to share the communal areas well and enjoy hobbies and interests with the young person as well.

Thanks to our dedication of our committed and supportive team focussing on understanding B’s needs, this young man was able to work towards his independence successfully. We were very pleased to see B having a much more positive outlook on life.

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