The Gables
Derby City, Derbyshire

4 Bedded for Males

Providing Residential care for young people with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties aged 10-18, since 2002.

Welcome to The Gables

The Gables is a spacious four bed-roomed home, is situated within the outskirts of Derby City, with excellent access to public transport, shops and recreational activities.

It is a well presented home with space for lots of games and activities.

Our dedicated and experienced staff team provide excellent quality care ensuring firm boundaries and strategic behaviour management. A consistent approach applied by all of our staff, ensures that we are able to intervene successfully, moderate challenging behaviour and improve upon the expected outcome for each young person.

The Gables staff work hard at building relationships with young people that are based on mutual trust as well as firm boundaries.

Although the main focus of the work we undertake is to stabilise behaviours, ultimately we hope that our young people are able to integrate into society with the necessary skills to enable them to manage their lives more effectively with optimum results.

Wherever possible, as per the ethos of our company, the experienced staff at The Gables, are proactive in preparing young people for their future. This includes improving upon educational achievements, supporting and promoting aspirations as well as through implementation of life skill/independence programmes.

We understand and recognise that young people are individuals and hence are keen to provide a safe haven in which they grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Freedom of expression is encouraged through a caring and supportive approach, which has ultimately led to our young people improving their educational achievements and life/independence skills.

Success Stories

B's Story

Prior to residing at the Gables, B really struggled with his education, damaged property within his placement and displayed aggressive behaviours towards the staff members.

B arrived at The Gables and continued to display these behaviours towards the staff, resulting in our staff members sustaining injuries and the criminal damage being caused within the home.

With our consistent and caring approach, we managed to reduce the level of aggression displayed by B, and also reduce the level of criminal damage within the home. B began to take pride in The Gables, calling this is home.

B began to generate positive working relationships with key members of the team, which were based on collaboration and trust.

As these relationships developed with our committed staff at The Gables, B was able to increase his engagement with education and start an outreach package that was devised by our own in-house Blue Mountain Education Team.

B began to enjoy the progress he was making within education and soon started attending the Education Placement on a full-time basis. B's relationships with the team and peer group within the home also improved significantly and he enjoys engaging in hobbies and interests.

With the ongoing dedication and commitment of our staff, B continues to feel safe and secure at The Gables, making excellent progress in all aspects of his life, making excellent steps towards achieving his best in the years ahead.

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