Blue Mountain Homes Awards Ceremony

We at Blue Mountain Homes celebrate the success of our young people on a daily basis, whether this be a small or very large achievement.

We recognise that the achievements that young people are making on a daily basis, although they are being celebrated by ourselves, this just somehow did not feel enough for us. Therefore, our Care Director Margaret Smith, decided to host a Blue Mountain Homes Awards Ceremony.

This Awards Ceremony was designed to celebrate and thank our young people for their hard work, dedication and commitment to not only their goals and achievements, but also the faith they had in themselves and our teams, to guide and support them along their journey.

This was a Black Tie event, where our young people were able to dress up and attend an event dedicated to them and their achievements. Young people arrived in limousines together, stepping out onto a red carpet and enjoy music and food especially for them.

Margaret sent invitations out to all relevant social workers, parents, and other key figures for our young people to share and enjoy this day with them. Our Director and Company Owner Pradeep Manaktala and his Wife Kavitha Manaktala presented our young people with their awards for the achievement they had attained.

This event was full of Love and Happiness, and due to the success of this event, this has now become an annual tradition for us, and we look forward to the next Blue Mountain Homes Awards Ceremony where once again, we are able to celebrate our young people and their amazing achievements.

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Ofsted Good Provider